f you want to streamline your marketing efforts and get to the top of Google in a hurry, then PPC is what you want. This versatile method of advertising allows you to position your site to someone searching for your chosen keywords. Paid keyword campaigns yield much greater results than traditional modes of advertising and are especially successful for online shopping, delivering a 64% clickthrough rate.

How PPC Works

Google conducts an ongoing auction that allows people to bid for a specific search term, based on its popularity. It’s up to you to use this keyword to craft a targeted ad. Google rates the quality of your ad and the relevance of the landing page it is linked to. These factors, and the amount you bid, contribute to how your ad will be positioned.

You control your monthly ad budget, so you’ll never be surprised with extra fees. The Google Conversion Optimizer and Bid Modifier tools are all important factors in the success of your campaign.

PPC Ad Formats

As certified Google Adwords specialists, we can help you build powerful campaigns that utilize Google’s various PPC ad formats:

  • Click to Call Ads: This mobile ad format lets customers call a business with the click of a button.

  • Remarketing: You can track visitors to your site with a cookie and chase them around the web, displaying relevant banner ads along the margins of other sites they visit.

  • Video Ads: Standalone video ads or ads inserted to Youtube video content that Google runs through industry-relevant websites that partner with them.

  • Image Ads: Showcases an image that illustrates your product or service on websites that partner with Google.

  • Bottom of Page Ads: Catch your audience’s attention before they click to page 2 or refine their search.

  • Map/Location Ad Extensions: Display your address and phone number to local searchers, enticing them to visit you faster. Advertise only to customers in the vicinity.

  • App Promotion Ads: Send your customers to an app store to download your app, or include a deep links directly into your app.

  • Video ads: Run standalone video ads or insert them in streaming video content to grab your audience’s attention.

  • Product shopping ads: Shopping ads feature a photo of your product, a title, price, store name, and more details about your product.

Budgeted PPC Campaigns

Most growing wellness brands have limited PPC budgets and are wondering, “How can I get the most leads for my limited budget?”

Search impression share may be the most important metric to track on a limited budget. Search impression share is the number of impressions your ads actually receive, when compared to the potential number they could receive. Let’s say your keyword is “non-toxic candles”, which gets 1000  searches a month. If you receive 750 impressions, you have a 75% search impression share.

That may sound pretty good, but it means that 25% of your potential customers aren’t seeing your ads!

“Deep” Vs. “Wide?” PPC Campaigns

  • Deep PPC campaign building: We identify your best performing ad campaigns and funnel the majority (or entirety) of your ad spend through them. This often requires limiting which services or products you advertise and only focusing on a specific aspect of your brand.

  • Wide PPC campaign building: This type of PPC campaigns focuses on multiple ad campaigns that feature all your products and services. We can help you optimize your low-performing campaigns so that they can become more successful. This makes you competitive on all fronts.

If your budget is smaller than the max ad spend possible for your keywords, you have important decisions to make regarding budget allocation. We can help you decide which campaign strategies will be most successful for your brand. Together we can make the most of your Google Adwords budget and get you more customers and clients and higher conversions.


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