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The last thing you want is for your website to go unnoticed or have a high bounce rate. A well-crafted website is the key to successfully engage your target audience. Our website optimization services ensure that your website’s text is genuine, speaks to your clients’ hearts, and hits all the right SEO keywords. We also provide mobile optimization and improve site load speed.

Crunchy Buzz believes that designing an optimized website is part art, part science. We make sure that all your website’s design and copy elements achieve your strategic goals, while maintaining an artful finesse that highlights your wellness knowledge and appeal.

n order to rank competitively, your site has to hit all the key factors Google looks for. Google wants to make sure your site is relevant and provides a good user experience. It rates each page of your site based on:

  • Keyword composition

  • Proper headings

  • List formats

  • Bullet points

  • Bold and italicization

  • Word count

  • Keyword synonyms

We weave in all these factors to your site, while making sure each page ranks for different keywords. This gives you competitive edge on all fronts and makes sure your SEO scores improve.


When a health-conscious visitor lands on your site, they want to discover more about your industry. Every wellness product or service comes with a story, and that story must resonate with your target audience.

Our multi-layered approach to copy offers rich, informative narratives. We make sure your website builds trust and communicates expertise. In addition to highlighting your brand’s unique value, we subtly pepper keywords in all the right places.


A regularly-updated blog is essential to conveying the freshness and dynamism of your brand. Not only do blogs beef up your SEO and inspire your site visitors, but they also give you fresh material to integrate with your social media campaigns.  

Blogs are a great venue for your to share:

  • Your expert wisdom

  • Client/product success stories

  • Updates on your latest products or services

  • Studies on new developments in your industry

  • Current events, based on your unique brand perspective

  • The continuation of your brand’s story

We’ll help you craft a steady stream of rich, interesting blog posts that keep your audience captivated and engaged.


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