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Wouldn’t it be great if every time someone searched Google for the type of products or services your provide, your site popped up first? It’s possible if your site is fully optimized for SEO. Google considers more than two hundred factors to determine a site’s ranking based on the richness, reliability, and relevance of the site’s user experience.

Crunchy Buzz provides a host of services that address every factor of your SEO rankings. Our website optimization services ensure that your visitors experience is intuitive, informative, and engaging. PR and link building services establish your sites’ credibility and authority. And our host of SEO services make sure your site ranks high and is relevant for your target audience.

Every time a Google search is performed, a lightning-fast calculation determines which sites should be presented first. These results are highly influenced by your copy. Targeted SEO “keywords” inform search engines of a webpage’s relevance for those particular search terms. Our keyword strategy will help you rate competitively for your targeted keywords.

Targeted Keyword Integration

We make a thorough analysis of the search behavior of your website’s target audience. This analysis helps us craft a smart keyword list.  We seamlessly incorporate your keywords into the natural flow of your site. Additionally, we optimize the backend of your content, highlighting keywords in your alt text and meta descriptions. We make sure each of your webpages ranks for a particular keyword, so you can get the best SEO results.


We conduct a regular review of your web statistics to ensure your SEO strategy is successful. This data helps us review your performance. We rate how well you compare with your competition. These analytics help us determine the latest trends in your particular wellness niche. We identify what’s working and what needs to be tweaked, tailored, or reworked.   

All our clients receive regular updates on their website’s analytics. This helps you keep track of how well your SEO campaigns perform.


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