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The Health Industry has been growing 3 to 4% each year


The health and fitness industry is worth more than $100 Billion 


The virtual/online fitness market is projected to grow to $60 Million by 2027.


Lare Fitness Booking platforms have seen 75%+ increase in live streaming

The Future of Business is Here:


​If it wasn't clear how successful fitness streaming

would be prior to 2020, all doubt should be

removed in mid-2020. 


Streaming fitness classes has not only become mainstream,

it can be viewed as an essential offering to stay competitive within

the fitness industry. ​

The benefits of offering online services vary per company, however,

the most common benefits are as follows: 

Extra membership revenue

Adding an additional offering, such as a digital service (live stream or on-demand classes) is a great way to maintain or increase revenue with members without your business requiring additional resources and costs.

Workout from home and in your gym

Be Well Agency assists wellness brands add digital enhancements to your in-studio (brick and mortar) services. 

Content to keep members engaged

Adding digital offerings enables the delivery of more, engaging content such as streaming video classes, meditations, group updates, and challenges. These types of touchpoints help boost overall member engagement, community, loyalty, and retention

Let members support you

Providing digital alternatives to in-studio only offerings enables members to continue membership and service payments during times that members are not able to come into the studio.

Implementation with a minimal upfront cost

The cost for set up and implementation of digital services can vary. Fortunately, there are many low-cost platforms that can enable digital classes and solutions.

"Complete Solutions to Get Your Business Virtual" 

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Complete Solutions to Get Your Business Virtual 

Common Concerns from Health & Fitness Clients

Will streaming exercise classes disintermediated my brick and mortar business?

Studies have shown that virtual exercisers typically maintain their membership at a health club or studio. A virtual offering in addition to the regular, in-studio membership (called a hybrid membership) provides variety, convenience, and more opportunities to utilize the membership. 


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More Than Just a Website

We can develop your website to be more than a branding tool and lead generator. It can be used as an online hub for multiple streams of revenue and business management.

  • Rich Member Profiles

  • Sell Online Services

  • Sell A Variety of Membership Packages

  • Online Memberships & Packages

  • Calendar & Class management

  • Online Booking and Appointment Management software

  • Customized Mobile App

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Nurture Your Clients

With Holistic Solutions for your businesses, you can bring more value to your client's other than your normal service listing. You can: 


  • Nurture relationships and boost retention.

  • Capture data on your client's activity to engage with them more effectively.

  • Boost conversions with automations, like reminding clients of appointments and specials.

  • Capture new leads

  • Communicate with clients in real-time

  • Get clients to easily, sign a health waiver


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