What Essential Items Do Remote Workers Love?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Is it easy to turn your remote worker’s home into a comfortable workplace?

Yes! Here is how.

As your company moves forward into 2021 your workforce might be coming around to the fact that remote work is the new norm. While some employees are excited about the opportunity to work from home, others do not favor the change as much. In fact, it may be difficult for some employees to adjust to not having in-person access to their fellow colleagues or find it challenging to work in a makeshift office in their home. Regardless of the perception of working remotely, as an employer you can take steps to show your employees that you value their flexibility by assisting them in creating an optimal working environment (or working station).

An optimized and comfortable workspace is an essential part of enabling productivity and success for your workforce. Cause Creatives is proud to highlight four items that have proven to be a remote worker's favorite in providing convenience and comfort. We have listed them below

Accidents Happen But You Can Avoid Some

Any worker, at home or the office, has probably had the experience of accidentally knocking over a beverage cup. One flaw of working from home can be that the workspace gets cluttered with both work and personal related items. Less room on the desk leaves more room for accidents to occur when a beverage is placed on the table. That is why we recommend a convenience item like a “Desk Side Huge Clip” that can hold beverage containers (cups and mugs) and place them out of the way of getting knocked over. Just clip the holder to the lip of a table or desk and secure that cup of coffee (fits most sizes of cups).

Try: Table Desk Clip for Coffee Cup

Stay Warm at the Desk

During the winter or even just early morning time, the home can get pretty cold, and having the heater on all day can really add up in utility expenses. An office that is too cold can make it difficult for your remote worker to concentrate on anything but the chill. Therefore, we recommend a cozy, desk blanket like a fleece blanket.

Our large selection of fleece blankets ranges from classic styles to more intricate designs. All options encompass the softness and warmth needed to keep employees feeling great at the desk. Add your custom imprint for a daily reminder that your business cares about its employees' comfort.

Try: Fleece Blanket w/ Embroidery

Take the Office Space to New Heights

Not too long ago, adjustable laptop stands were introduced to the masses for a more agronomic working environment. The cost however was a pretty penny, preventing many employers from obtaining them for the office. These days, there are many cost-effective solutions to choose from that have more capabilities than ever before. The benefits of laptop stands include; keeping air circulating on the bottom of your laptop to prevent it from getting too hot and ergonomic features to position the angle of your laptop so you can reduce screen glare, which can lead to eye strain and headaches.

Our selection of laptop stands varies from simple stands to multi-use adjustable stands.

We have solutions that act as both a desk stand and a portable lap desk. A lap writing desk is highly adjustable and provides solid support. Ergonomic sleek design with multi-functional concept

Try: Foldable Laptop Stand

Air Quality is Everything

Air quality is not only a concern when outdoors, it can also be a problem in the home. Poor circulation and a dry room can really damper productivity. An easy and versatile solution is a portable humidifier (aroma diffuser).

The great thing about these little devices is that they are an affordable, versatile, and convenient way to improve health and quality of life in the home office. If healthy employees are a concern, and we imagine it is these days, your workforce can use them to improve respiratory health and skin conditions. They can relieve congestion and help with your dry skin, chapped lips, and dry sinuses.

Try: Desktop Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser

Wrap Up

When selecting an item (or two) for your workforce, keep in mind what each employee experiences in their home office on a day to day basis. Most likely every situation is unique as there is less control of the environment than in the office. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a convenience item, it would be beneficial to let the employee choose to make their workspace comfortable and efficient. Take the first step by providing them options in these highly coveted items for remote workers. For more details or if you have any questions on these or other products and pricing, contact a Cause Creatives representative.

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