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Herbaculture Yoga & Wellness is the premier yoga studio of Orange County. Their doors opened in June of 2019, and since that time clients have poured in via strategic marketing efforts. There are many yoga and wellness centers in Orange County so competition is very high. The way to help Herbaculture stand out is to focus on their differentiators, launch multiple campaigns to generate qualified leads, and quickly build an online presence. 


Provided an audit on the performance, reach, and optimization of the content on the website. Configured integrations with other partner platforms such as MindBody Online.

Brand Development

Herbaculture obtained our marketing consulting services after the launch of the studio. As a start-up, there is a lot of transformation in the first year and we were able to help management navigate challenges and opportunities in finding the brand's authentic voice.

Content Creation

Crafted attention-grabbing, informative content to best represent the brands differentiators and value propositions. Content included engaging and keyword-rich verbiage that increased organic reach, views, and comments.

Social Media

The strategy for social media is quality over quantity. The approach included geo-targeting potential customers. Social Media ads were used for a more streamlined approach for reaching the target audience and generating leads.

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